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Tree of Life Christian Church has two main services each week. We meet each Thursday night for corporate worship and Bible study, and every Sunday morning to celebrate the Lord's Day. If you are interested in visiting our church, drop by our Thursday Night Bible Study. If you discern the Lord directing you to join with our congregation as a member or would simply like more information about Tree of Life, please Contact Us.

Thursday Night Bible Study

If you are hungry for in-depth, sound teaching from God's Word, you have come to the right place! Pastor Tim Bourgeois is known for his expository and exegetical teaching from God's Word. Join us Thursday nights at 7:00 for a time of corporate worship and Bible study (see Our Location). The last Thursday night of each month is an Open Bible Study during which Pastor Tim takes impromptu questions from the attendees and gives answers from God's Word.

Carving out Thursday nights is a difficult task for many people because of busy schedules, social engagements, and just the fact that it is the middle of a week of hard work. The blessing, enrichment, and growth that participants receive always far out-weigh the sacrifice of attending.

The meeting begins at 7:00 with about 30 minutes of corporate worship. Joining together with other believers to sing songs of praise and worship is a wonderful way to prepare your heart for a substantial study in God's Word.

Pastor Tim begins teaching at 7:30; his teaching is an enriching experience and a real blessing. He is a gifted teacher of God's Word and has the ability to teach difficult and complex elements of the Bible in a clear and very understandable way. Pastor Tim, by God's grace, teaches with the knowledge and understanding of a seminary professor and the patience and commitment to his audience of a loving father.

He does not race through the Bible or skim over anything. Pastor Tim believes that, "All scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work." He takes his time and teaches line-by-line, sometimes even word-by-word, to teach and express the full meaning of everything God has communicated to His people. Some of the series that Pastor Tim has taught are Ephesians, Proverbs, and Eschatology, just to name a few.

The teaching concludes promptly at 8:30; one full hour of bible study, yet no one wants him to stop!

Attending this Bible study is a commitment and it is a sacrifice, but it is worth it! Lives have been changed; weak Christians have been made strong, strong Christians have been made stronger, complacent Christians have been taken to new depths of hungering for God's Word, and new Christians have taken deep root.

If you want to experience Bible study in a new and refreshing way, and if you want to know God better, come to Tree of Life on Thursday nights—you won't be sorry!

The following is a sample of a Bible Study from the Ephesians series titled What About Our Free Will?

Click here to listen online or right click and select Save Link As... to download the file to your computer.

Sunday Morning Services


The Lord's Day is a special day in the life of every believer. We celebrate the Lord's Day by gathering every Sunday morning for a time of worship, prayer, teaching from God's Word, and fellowship. Please join us on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th (when there are five Sundays) Sunday of the month at our church facility (see Our Location).

On the first Sunday of each month, Tree of Life members do something that is somewhat unique in our culture today but was very common in the first century Church; we meet in several different homes to celebrate the Lord's day. We enjoy a rich time of deep corporate worship, praying for one another, the Lord's Supper, and then each of our HomeChurch Fellowships enjoy the teaching of a common theme from each of our three elders.



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